Spice Island Cutter


Ocean passage veteran Bill Garden cutter Legendary yacht designer William (Bill) Garden designed this breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly sturdy “Vashon Island Cutter” for Andy Goodwin, a design to which Andy quickly built. Not surprisingly, over the years many additional boats were built to the design (later the name of the design changed to spice island cutter) one of them being “PUFFIN”. With Two trips to New Zealand and two to Alaska, “PUFFIN” has proven her worth as an ocean passage maker (others to the design have made successful ocean passages as well), not only that but has equally proven herself as a comfortable and capable coastal cruiser and racer in classic fleets. Current owner has devoted himself to her care over the last 27 years. Planked with cypress over yakal frames with teak over plywood decks and teak house, all mounted to an impenetrable iron keel; she can stand up to any reef, grid, beach or ocean wave that awaits her! $60,000.

Contact Information

Peter Marshall
United States