WW II USN 63' AVR P-619


The P-619 was built in Oct/Nov 1943 and served in the Pacific until war's end. She then returned to the West Coast where she continued to serve at a Sacramento air base until the early ’50s. She is currently the only WW II AVR in the world in original layout. Smaller and much more lightly armed than their big brother PT boats, they were capable of 30-48 knots depending on their loading and engine type. The 619 has had a huge amount of work done in the last 12 years and is in excellent condition. She is built with Honduras mahogany over a layer of aircraft cloth and then diagonal inner planking. The entire boat is painted with very high quality urethane automotive paint, so she is very weather resistant. This incredible attention getting boat is a delight to operate with her counter rotating motors still operated on a telegraph system from the bridge. The boat currently runs runs two Gray Marine wartime diesels with Twin Disk gears giving 8.5 knots at 7 gph. The final big part of this project is the installation (if desired)of the original Hall-Scott Defender V-12s. Four of these beautiful engines/gears come with the boat. Two are rebuilt (one has not been fired) and the other two are disassembled onto pallets. The sound of these engines is simply amazing, like a P-51 Merlin but at 2200 CID, much bigger. The boat has traveled the Pacific North West to various shows and general cruising, but after thousands of hours and well over half a million dollars spent, I have run out of energy and would like to see someone get those big engines in and get her on the plane again. Hence the asking price of only $250,000.00 with all spares. Please visit the US Crashboat site for more pics and info. Or just Google P-619 crashboat

Contact Information

Randall Cunningham
New Westminster, BC V3N6N1