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Carpenter’s Boat Shop

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Founded in 1979, the Carpenter’s Boat Shop is an apprenticeship-school and community for all people. Whether apprentices are between college and life careers, jobs and new directions, alcoholism and sobriety, or simply transitioning into retirement, the Boat Shop provides a safe harbor before setting sail on a new course in life. While considering goals and directions, apprentices live in community and learn to build traditional small woodenboats as well as carpentry, furniture making, sailing, seamanship, and perform community service. They also explore personal faith through reading, study, and discussion.

It is our hope that apprentices will gain a deeper knowledge of themselves, a clearer vision for their life’s goals, and a stronger commitment in their service to others.
Phone: 2076772614
440 Old County Road
Pemaquid, Maine 04558

Category: Wooden Boat Building