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Please contact us with any questions about participating in, or producing a Family BoatBuilding event.

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Family Boatbuilding

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Posted: July 21, 2011
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Build your own real boat with your family or group in two to three days, and then take it home with you!

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Family BoatBuilding was developed as a way to bring families and groups together into a fun, achievementoriented project—and to get more families on the water! Family BoatBuilding provides an inexpensive introduction to boating, beginning with the basic construction of a dinghy or skiff, and ending with the family’s first outing on the water in their very own boat.

Anyone can build Family BoatBuilding boats

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Every kind of family grouping or organization is invited to be part of Family BoatBuilding: grandparents, parents, and children; Boy and Girl Scout troops; friends and neighbors; associations and church groups; at-risk community groups.

Any organization can produce a Family BoatBuilding event!

  • 4-H groups
  • local maritime museums
  • boatbuilders
  • non-profit associations
  • and well-meaning individuals.


Submitted by Walter Connolly on

Who does one go about organizing a family boatbuilding event.

Submitted by Carl Cramer on

Hi, Walter.  I answered your email directly.  This website should tell you just about everything you need to know.

Best wishes, Carl

Submitted by ikayak on

Hi Carl
can you send me the link were I can find out about how to put on a Family BoatBuilding event?
Thanks Mike

Submitted by Carl Cramer on

Here you go, Mike:

Best wishes, Carl

Submitted by Quinn on


I've been thinking about building a boat with my son. Is there a family boat building event anywhere near Portland, Oregon?


Submitted by Conniea on

I saw your post and thought I would let you know about the one that is going to be happening here in Toledo, Oregon March 25-29.
This year were going to be building a QT Skiff the fee is $200 that includes all the cost and you take your boat home at the end. There is a limit of 4 groups with at least 4 people.
If you would like more information please call us at 541-336-5207
Here is a link to
our web site is
We would love to have you participate.

Submitted by on

The Texas Boatcrafters and Messers are teaming with the San Antonio Sail and Power Squadron, Woodcraft, and Duckworks to produce a Family Boatbuilding event in San Antonio. It will be over the President's Day weekend, February 16-18. We will build a piroogue, a simple flat bottom canoe. The boat should be easily completed, less paint, in the 3-day weekend. The test boat will be on display at Woodcraft at US281 and Bitters Road in San Antonio by December 15.

The charge for the event will be $225 per family/team to cover materials. They will own the boat they build. The following Saturday, February 23, we will have a messabout for students to splash their new builds. Woodcraft is doing the event registration. The event is listed on the San Antonio Woodcraft Store class schedule. Email Frank at for more information.

Submitted by wbyar on

Hi, I ordered a boat from B&B. Am hoping to participate to see if I can get a Family Boat Building going at our 4H county fair. Looking forward to seeing you at mystic.

Submitted by E2Smitty on

anything planned for the Pacific Northwest in the near future?