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Build This Boat!

Build This Boat!

Step-By-Step Instructions, FREE

By the Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Bevins Skiff photo

Hundreds of Bevin’s Skiffs have been built around the world. Now, you can too!  Thanks to the generosity of our friends at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation and Building to Teach, now you have an opportunity to build this boat, at no charge — as long as you build it with kids.

(If you’re only building it for yourself, you should purchase a set of plans from the Seaport). (Boat kits are also available from the Seaport Foundation.)  There is a lot of great information here that also applies to beginning boatbuilders. Building a Bevin’s Skiff is also a great way to teach hands-on math. For more information go to:

Download the pdf’s and images, here:

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Submitted by vasilis.glifada on

I am interested for small wooden boats

Submitted by outcomes on

Looking for full scale plans for the Gloucester Light Dory. Anyone know a source or have them?

Submitted by aulanimulford on

We have been watching Oliver Jeffers' film "Lost and Found" for 3 years now and our 4 year old son has been begging us for the last year to build a boat like the one in the when I found this opportunity on your site, it all seems possible. So perhaps our little boat will take shape in Stroud. We are members of the Cotswold Sailing Club, and let's hope we enjoy it there someday!

Submitted by tgears on

perfect for boy group

Submitted by ningpo on

I have heard your call, I’ve wanted to sail upon your waters....etc...this is the story of my life... so I’m really looking forward to passing on the gift of learning and love of the ocean via this possible build !! thanks for the opportunity.

Submitted by Papybosse on

I will build the boat with my three grandsons next summer.

Submitted by Nick Lewis on

This is wonderful, a great looking first project boat for my son and I to build together.
Thank you!

Submitted by guillermo on


Submitted by UKNick on

I am interested in building small, lightweight, wooden rowing and sailing boats for use in Florida. We have active Sea Scout and Youth Sailing programs at my club. Building a Bevins Skiff would be a wonderful program for us and provide a useful boat of which we can all be proud.

Submitted by kylewd on

i want to build this amazing boat

Submitted by ssgdub on

after seven deployments i finally have some time with my oldest son. this sounds like and excellent way for us to rebond and get him to work with his hands besides on the controller

Submitted by Captain Arcturo on

I have been looking for a good boat to build with my dad, up in 70 mile house in the caribou. Would this be a good boat to build?

Submitted by JerhroT on

Since our kids have left home, our nephews love helping me with projects around the house, this will give me something more I can teach them.

Submitted by Joshua Realey on

This looks like a great project my daughter loves boats and fishing..

Submitted by reknott on

A good friend and I are trying to "resurrect" the Sea Scout Troop at our church. This would be a great project for them!

Submitted by vp-500 on

I will build boat with sailing club kids

Submitted by jptech on

hey im new to boat building

Submitted by Ken Kunickis on

I'm an Industrial Tech. instructor in NW Iowa. This is a tremendous opportunity!! I have a few classes that are building cedar strip canoes. This will be a perfect design to build for the students who are not building canoes. Thank you for providing this opportunity. This is a great design.

Submitted by misko.ns on

Tank you

Submitted by anelbarcelo on

I am a Design and Technology teacher in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, and I am planning to build this boat with my students.

Submitted by ewellie22 on

what will the final dimensions of the boat be when all built?

Submitted by young97 on

Build this boat.

Submitted by ALE_PAR on

I will try to convince my wife and kids to build this one. It seems very straightforward and my 7 year old son just keep on talking about boat since he build a model on is Summer camp! Thank you for the plans.

Submitted by westham1969 on

Can't wait to build this with my 10 yo daughter and 6 yo son.

Submitted by electrico0512 on

thanks for sharing this info. keep up the good work and the content quality of the magazine.
best regards!