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Workbenches for Boatbuilding

Getting Started in Boats, Vol 36, Sept/Oct 2012

by Jan Adkins

Posted: August 20, 2012
Tags: Getting Started in Boats, workbenches, Jan Adkins

Workbenches for BoatBuidingThis series is our way of beguiling you. We’re saying, start small, learn as you work, and we can pretty much guarantee fascination. Boats are fun.

In a nutshell, we want you to discover the fun. And we want you to pass it on. We want some of the old ways and wisdoms to carry on through you and your kids.

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Submitted by toddcg on

I'm excited to be a new subscriber to WoodenBoat magazine. I'm also excited about the new issue w. Getting Started In Boats(GSIB). I have always been interested in boats but have never done anything about that interest. I have bought copies of the mag. every now and then over the years since the 1990's and read the first issue w. GSIB but when I saw a copy of the of the current issue, my interest was even more driven. I have been thinking of building a boat w. my young sons, 10 and 5 years of age. I found a video on youtube from a guy named Devlin building a small row boat using the stich and glue method. I think it may be a great starting project. The video is almost step by step so I will order the plans and the boys and I will follow along.
I don't have any experience (other than a Jr. High Woodshop class) in wood working so the 2021 July/Aug. issue of GSIB about tools has been informative. I need to buy tools. I'm so excited that I want to buy all of the tools I saw in the article but I know I just need to buy as I need them. I'm excited to learn about workbenches from the new issue.
Thank you WoodenBoat.

Submitted by jfjrWoodenBoat on

For those readers that enjoyed Getting Started in Boats Vol. 36 Workbenches for Boatbuilding, may I suggest Stott Landis’ The Workbench Books, lots of history, designs, & rough plans.