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Build This Boat!

Build This Boat!

Step-By-Step Instructions, FREE

By the Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Bevins Skiff photo

Hundreds of Bevin’s Skiffs have been built around the world. Now, you can too!  Thanks to the generosity of our friends at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation and Building to Teach, now you have an opportunity to build this boat, at no charge — as long as you build it with kids.

(If you’re only building it for yourself, you should purchase a set of plans from the Seaport). (Boat kits are also available from the Seaport Foundation.)  There is a lot of great information here that also applies to beginning boatbuilders. Building a Bevin’s Skiff is also a great way to teach hands-on math. For more information go to:

Download the pdf’s and images, here:

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Submitted by taormina on

build this boat

Submitted by mistahwilson on

I am an administrator at a school in Maine. Most of the schools in Maine no longer support a technology class for middle school aged students. Could this be a project for an after school tech program? How do we sign up?

Submitted by Carl Cramer on

for this type of project.  I’ve seen hundreds of families build their very first boat (Bevin’s Skiff) is two-and-a-half days.

Good luck.

Submitted by gregs on

All you have to do is sign-in or become a member and you can download the manual and drawings.

Submitted by gregs on

After taking Joe Yocha’s Boatbuilding to Teach Math,  Chris Washkovick  has taught a summer school class and she and her students have a boat just about complete!  Please note, this is a teacher that has not ever built anything close to something like a boat, yet it really has turned out great.  I foresee a lot of public schools adapting classes similar to this because of their relevance to the real world applications of math!  I’ve always thought boat building was cool but I never realized how relevant it really is! 

Joe Norton

Submitted by STEM teacher on

I teach STEM subjects at a middle/high school in MA and think this is a great project. I may try to incorporate this into my CAD class or an after school engineering club. Thanks for the plans!

Submitted by Joe Youcha on

You might consider having your class build a scale model of the Bevin’s Skiff. We build a sailing model with middle school students. It’s a good project that allows you to teach a wide variety of math skills. If you use a CNC machine to cut the parts, it’s a great application of coordinate planes and Algebra.

Submitted by mark o henderson on

i wood like to build a flat bottom wood boat 16ft

Submitted by nellybell on

This sounds like a great project! I've always wanted to build a boat!

Submitted by isailcharleston on

Can not open the manual. Says the file is damaged.

Submitted by Carl Cramer on

Opens fine for me, and for others here.  Please download and retry?

Submitted by bibong on

I like the design and sure like by my constituents.

Submitted by woodeye on

Good op to get hands on with my students and expand their interest level

Submitted by corsair40 on

je suis interresser sur les bateau de bois,,,,,votre programme est tres interressent,,,,,,,,,,,,,merci

Submitted by Rookie on

Hi, I purchased the plan for the Bevins Skiff last spring with plans to build nit as a project to do with my little rather from the big brothers program. I'm having a difficult time finding marine plywood in my area. Any suggestions for suppliers in Wisconsin (particularly the Green Bay area.)...or any other suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Submitted by nw custom boat works on

Is there a table of offsets for this? Lofting is so hard to explain without one.

Submitted by Joe Youcha on

I'm sorry. There isn't a separate table. Just what's on the plans.

Submitted by zepplin72 on

Hope this will interest my son in something other than online gaming !!!

Submitted by mkb22 on

The drawing has a couple of pieces that are not dimensioned, but rather are said to be "Full-size." That works fine if I know what size paper on which the drawing is to be printed. The paper size should be noted on the drawing. It isn't. Can someone tell me on what size paper this drawing should be printed? THANK YOU!

Submitted by mkb22 on

I learned that Adobe Reader will tell me the drawing size. File => Properties and one of the values reported is "page size." It is 24x36

Submitted by Hal.Behnke on

As an Educator/Administrator, I began teaching Math and Science with Kite building and mocking up a complete Conestoga wagon; diamentions, geometry, aerodynamics and hands-on success. Building a Bevins skiff will be an awesome addition. Thank You:-)

Submitted by shannonborntrager on

Building this with my kids this spring.

Submitted by theoldwoodguy on

Morning everyone.
New member here. I an a cabinet maker from rosemount Mn and we have 8 yes thats eight grand kids.
The older two and I would like to build something and not a bird house or more fishing rod holders.
My granddad and I built soapbox derby cars together and it's time to do something new with them. Were still
thinking about what to build for the first timer and I am open to any ideas in the 8' to 12 foot range. We Think we would like something for an outboard.


Submitted by ezgoings on

I grew up building things with my grandpa and have learned a lot. I have been looking for a project that I can do with my 2 little girls that they can enjoy. Looks like I found a good way to teach them some valuable lessons while building something they can use.

Submitted by akumar on

Is the wood kit available anywhere in Baltimore / Annapolis area. Any info will be appreciated as I am newbie to wood working and will make it easier and more fun if I don;t spend a lot of time looking for wood pieces although Annapolis may have a few places for buying supplies.

Submitted by Carl Cramer on

Please contact them in Alexandria, VA:

Submitted by Salty Sox on

This looks like a great project for my Grandsons to learn from.

Submitted by Tom Oldfield on

My fishing buddy and I are planing on building the skiff with his grandchildren this spring. I hope that someone has built a sailing rig for this boat to get some feedback. We are planning to work from the plans and make our own kit to be ready when the kids get out of school.
Tom O.

Submitted by Tom Oldfield on

No one has responded yet about the sail conversion.
I have found a lot of information out there on a Balanced Lug sail. At this time that looks like the system to go with. Everything will store inside the boat, easy to make and easy to handle.
We have all of the parts made for the "kit" and now we are just waiting for one very excited 10 year old to get out of school and come back to Michigan.

Submitted by Carl Cramer on

That's great, Tom -- Thanks.  As I recall, there is a sailplan included within the downloads.  But use a balanced lug if you want.  (For questions like this, I suggest you post to the WoodenBoat Forum -- It's a free service.  Let school be over and get the boat built.

Submitted by flcl5182 on

Currently building a 15′ sloop. Just love the Bevin skiff and it will be my next project, it will be great in the shallows of Lake Huron.

Submitted by marcos coronado on

I’m starting with a workshop of boatbuilding and I’m interested in small wooden boats.

Submitted by duna6430 on

I’m an experienced wood worker - and I’ve never built a boat. I’m hoping to spend the summer building this skiff with my two daughters before they start school.

Submitted by wajones on

I hope to build a small boat with my two grand-sons this summer. I like the skiff's looks.

Submitted by mazilandy on


Submitted by jimyonally on


Submitted by pdwimarpenn on

Have been looking for a project for father and daughter to do. I think this is it. May even build it with my youth group kids. Thanks for the inspiration.

Submitted by CWhite111 on

Great project for sons and me.

Submitted by David Lloyd on

Wanting to build a small boat with my Nephew this summer. He loves to fish! Can't wait to begin.

Submitted by Omar A De Jesus on

My son loves fishing, but I didn't. Started fishing with him and love the time we are spending together. Building a boat with him will be an amazing accomplishment for both and many fishing days. Thank you.

Submitted by SGT Squid on

I have build and been given a few "home builts" over the years and have had to leave them behind when the military says go. Now i have stopped moving, have grandkids, and there is nothing better for a guy and his grands than a new boat. And have found just that boat. Thanks Scott

Submitted by puppetmast on

I built my first boat with my dad when I was 10. Now at 73 I work with many children in the inner city of Los Angeles and I love giving them new experiences. I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for opportunity.

Submitted by arsalan on

I have been looking for a father son project. This sounds perfect.

Submitted by jwright0176 on

This looks like a great project for my son and me. Looking forward to creating great memories and a boat.

Submitted by Denvergee on

I have been looking to build a boat with my son, exciting.

Submitted by Kiwookkoo on

I convince this project will give happy memories to my family and grandsons. thanks a lot

Submitted by Hemant on

I convince this project will give happy memories to my family.

Submitted by scott caple on

We have built several Bevin’s Skiffs at Kids & Classics Boatshops as part our Boats4Folks programme. We are in Glen Williams, Ontario, outside the greater Toronto area. Plans are to do a sailing version in the next year.

Submitted by paullenton on

I live in Southern Patagonia, in a town called El Calafate and we have an inmense lake system here. My wish is to incentivate the kids in secondary schools to learn to build wooden boats, as a means to start a local provision of watrercraft (it's a small town and growing) as well as help keep them off the streets and out of mischief.
I have downloaded the plans and will keep you posted with further news. Thanks for the idea and opportunity to help kids.

Submitted by johnnita on

Interested in making models of lobster boats