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A swift keel cutter
WB No. 236


For nearly 40 years, Skip Green sailed BACCARAT all summer long from his home on the Maine coast.  He kept her in good shape while he could, but his recent death means she needs a new owner to look after her and bring her back to her former glory.

78′ Herreshoff cutter/ketch
WB No. 162


There’s not much of this yacht that’s salvageable, but that’s not unusual among many restorations. Besides very deep pockets, one would need vision to imagine what she could become—or to visualize what she was originally. Brian Amble of California had the vision, but not the wealth. But he did acquire her and make a start. As the largest all-wood sailing yacht ever built by Herreshoff, and as a genuine, topsail-carrying sloop (or cutter, if you will), VAYU (or more properly, DORIS, the yacht’s original name), fully restored, would be a show-stopper.

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