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Little Crab

LITTLE CRAB is a smaller version of the Chesapeake Crab Skiff I drew several years ago.

Sabor, RYD-14.6

Sabor (RYD-14.6) is designed for only one thing and is an entry level to experienced sport sailor. An open transom, reversed sheer and built in floatation insure she's not mistaken for something else.


Modified 15 Square Meter Skerry Cruiser. A minimalist daysailer and pocket cruiser with style.


Footloose combinines the traditional lines and salty looks of the classic flatty skiff, with the ease of building and seamless integrity of plywood construction for unclomplicated boating.


Day sailer

Exploration Ketch Tern

Tern is a lengthened (to 23'9') version of my earlier 20' design Ratty.

battana adriatica

open sailing boat for a crew of 4

Murphy, RYD-16.2

RYD-16.2 is a wholesome dayboat that can be rigged as a free standing cat or sloop. Large, roomy cockpit, taped seam construction, centerboard and kick-up rudder.

Passagemaker Dinghy

Here's a handy boat that can be rowed, sailed, and powered with up to three large adults. The Passagemaker Dinghy is easy to build but looks great and performs beautifully

Passagemaker Dinghy Take-Apart

Here's a handy boat that can be rowed, sailed, and powered with up to three large adults, and it "nests" to take up less space.


Our Skerry™ is that rare boat combining excellent rowing and sailing qualities into one attractive craft. Sail when there's wind, row when there's not. You'll cover the miles either way.

Jimmy Skiff

Before the advent of the outboard motor, rowing/sailing skiffs were common on Chesapeake Bay. They were used for crabbing, fishing, transporting goods, and enjoying summer evenings with a friend.

Crab Skiff

Based on traditional crabbing skiff documentation by Howard Chapelle, this has proven to be a fast and stable boat that can carry a real load.


"PocketShip" is a small cruising sailboat of refined model, meant to sail well on all points, provide dry camping accommodations for one or two adults, and tow behind a four-cylinder car.

Spirit Class

Design No. 1557-C2

Blue Jay photo

Blue Jay, Design No. 805

Dave Johnson and Owen Sinclair are the proud owners of these two lovely Navigators.

Classic daysailing yacht of glued plywood lapstrake construction suitable for first time builders. Choice of sloop, yawl or lugsail rigs, carries up to six and is suitable for coastal cruising.

Argie 15 3:1 plywood dinghy

Argie 15 plywood sailing dinghy

Argie 10 3:1 sailing dinghy

Argie 10 plywood 3:1 sailing dinghy


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