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De Bootbouwschool

For your hands, head and hart

The Bootbouwschool is situated in the old Navy-town Den Helder in the Netherlands.

It is training individuals in short courses of 9 days on wooden boatbuilding. Starting in 1996 in the small town of Enkhuizen, and moved to Uitgeest en Den Helder, it has build more then 100 small boats, from Puffins and Ness Yawls from Iain Oughtred, Sunshines and Newfoundland Trap Skiffs from Walter Simmons.

Also some fine boats were build for customers among with were a Kotik (enlarged Wee Seal) from Iain Oughtred, a fast Whitehall rower and some 17th century VOC working boats.

Courses on Lofting, sailmaking, hollow spars, half hulls, etc are also on the program. Repairs are undertaken.

Category: Wooden Boat Building, Boat Repair & Restoration, Composite Boat Building