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Electric Launch

solar electric launch

Esc.Key is a new solar electric river boat recently launched by Denman Marine.

The initial design brief was for a river launch that was similar in concept to the early 20th century Noosa River putt putt boats which had a hard top to keep the harsh Queensland sun at bay.

The boat is constructed from strip plank western red cedar on celery top pine structural timbers. Fit out is Tasmanian blackwood and Huon pine. Decks and sole are laid teak. The hard top is 25mm core cell foam/western red cedar and celery top pine.

Launching Date:
Tue, 02/18/2014

Got Mahogony in Michigan

My boat is a “couch boat” which is the only description I could think of since I designed it for comfortable seating and aesthetic Italian curvy lines. It also has three glass bottom windows for viewing fish and shipwrecks (not glass, but scratch resistant Lexan polycarbonate).

I designed and built this boat several years ago, and posted many progress pics on the WoodenBoat Forum back in 2004-7, and my wife found the WoodenBoat Facebook recently so we are posting again here.

Launching Date:
Thu, 04/06/2006

Scott Tobey writes that he "wanted a boat for exploring the lakes and streams of the Adirondacks so it had to be something silent and electric; something with a shallow draft and very maneuverable, ideally powered by two Minn Kota outboards with dual throttle control and power trim for launching and shallow water operation." The hull is of double-diagonal cedar planking over laminated white oak frames, sheathed in one layer of Kevlar and one layer of fiberglass cloth all covered in epoxy.

Launching Date:
Fri, 08/02/2002
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