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Herreshoff R Boat 40,' 1925 GAMECOCK

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In 1925 the distinguished yachtsmen Junis S. Morgan and George Nichols commissioned Nat Herreshoff to design and build GAMECOCK, a racing yacht, to the “R” Universal Rating Rule. The art of classic yacht design and construction were at their peak during the 1920s at the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in Bristol, RI. Herreshoff designed and built the successful America’s Cup racing yachts of the era. Their yachts were fast, beautiful, and well engineered. GAMECOCK is an excellent example of the Herreshoff genius for beauty, function and quality.

In 2000 – 2001 David Peterson of Wooden Tangent Yachts undertook a museum quality restoration of GAMECOCK. The work was guided by the original Herreshoff plans and construction notes for GAMECOCK. The restoration included many new frames, planks, complete refastening, new decks, new rigging, etc. The current owner purchased the yacht in 2002. She was surveyed by the wood boat specialist surveyor, and all recommendations were completed. The surveyor commented, “The vessel is an irreplaceable Herreshoff original and is faithful to the original construction and materials. In that sense the vessel is priceless.”

GAMECOCK is an elegant, beautiful daysailer with an impeccable pedigree. Available for inspection, Mount Desert, ME. Price $125,000.

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