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John G. Alden

IRONDEQUOIT II is a Classic Bermudan Yawl

IRONDEQUOIT II was launched again last summer after an extensive paint job at Ventis in Enkhuizen (the Netherlands). Her hull, decks and masts were painted and all her mahogany was varnished again.

Launching Date:
Thu, 07/11/2013

83′ Alden/Lawley Schooner Yacht
WB No. 171

83′ Alden/Lawley schooner; WB No. 171.

Contact owner Joseph Zazzara, primo-jpm AT worldnet DOT att DOT net.

90′ Alden/Bugatti schooner
WB No. 205

ORPHEE III, 90′ Alden/Bugatti schooner

90′ Alden/Bugatti schooner; WB No. 205.

31' Alden Malabar sloop
WB No. 223

FROLIC, 31' Alden Malabar sloop

On September 10, 2012, we received word from FROLIC's owners, Dale and Lynn Cottrell, that "after going down to where FROLIC was being stored and looking at her pictures we (very foolishly, probably) decided we have to rebuild her. So thank you for your effort and we will keep you posted on her journey." 

Cover photoAs one develops an appreciation of yacht design, one runs into certain designers’ names again and again. The purpose of this article is to introduce 12 important 20th-century designers and to tell just enough about each one to describe the overall arc of his career.

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