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Legends of the Rips

In search of the New England bassboat

by Stan Grayson

Posted: December 10, 2012
Tags: bassboat, New England, striped-bass, powerboat, bass fishing

The New England bassboatLike a Maine lobsterboat, a Florida flats boat, a Jersey sea skiff, or others intended to pursue specific fish in specific waters, the real New England bassboat was developed to meet the specialized needs of the professional striped-bass fishing guide working the shallow, seaweed-covered rocks around Cuttyhunk Island. While a variety of powerboats were initially used for bass fishing, quite specialized versions began emerging during the late 1940s—boats born of their unique environment and the habits of their quarry. Despite their specialized nature, thee boats have also proven to be ideal family runabouts and no-frills cruisers. Read about them in the January/February issue of WoodenBoat.

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