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High performance offshore fishing and family boat

Concept: The CCSF25 is a high performance offshore fishing and family boat, she has a classic running surface of 24 degree deadrise and 8.5' max beam.

Virginia Park

Virginia Park is an elegant lapstrake launch. Featured in WoodenBoat #234, Sept. – Oct. 2013, Virginia Park is built in the glued lapstrake method with steam bent frames.


This is the 19′ x 6′ version of Delfini with a semi flat bottomed hull, i.e. a narrow flat central portion with V’d bilge panels.

Fisherman 17


L.O.A.: 16′ 10″

L.W.L.: 15′ 1″

BEAM: 6′ 5″

RAFT: 9 3/4″ Static, Laden


PT Skiff, center consloe runabout from Port Townsend Watercraft

The PT skiff is a very fuel efficient center console runabout that is good looking, has good handling, can carry a load, and is incredibly quick with only 20 horsepower.

Profile & Deck

Digger 17 is a classic form of flats skiff, seen working along every shore. Designed for modest power, she can get into the shallowest water and carry a hefty load.

Lady Bug 18 Skiff

Easy to Build Flat Bottom Skiff 18 ft Instructions also Include Our 14 Ft Smaller Version

17.5 Kenai

Aluminum plate alloy boats for professional and home builders.

NKS 36

36′ Center console boat with 10′ beam.

Double air ventilated bottom steps.

Twin or triple outboards or twin inboards.

Planking the bottom

The Macomber 15 is a traditionally built flat bottom Westport River Skiff.
LOA: 15'2"
Beam: 5'11"
Draft: 6"
Max Hp: 25 (15Hp.recomended)

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