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Plate Alloy Aluminium Welding and Boatbuilding

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This short course in Aluminium Welding and Boatbuilding is designed for those who may wish to build an aluminum kit boat.

We have been running this course for over 6 years, and we have a lot of fun in sharing our knowledge in Aluminum Boatbuilding and Welding.

We start the course with a full day of  welding. We discuss different types of MIG welding machines, and learn how they are setup for aluminum welding. 

We have 8 welders for you to practice your technique, predominantly those welds required to building a boat.

After a full day of welding, we then trim and sand the pre-cut boat parts. We normal build a 15 – 16 ft boat with the class.

The course is a fantastic week of mixing with fisherman with similar interests from around the globe.

The course is a hobby course and is structured with the intention to assemble and build a pre-cut kit aluminum vessel.
Phone: (+613) 9555 6399
Fax: (+613) 9555 6499
157 Herald Street
Cheltenham, Victoria 3192

Category: Aluminum Boat Building