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Roberts 25 trailerable cruising sailboat you can build in wood epoxy using the plans and full size frame patterns.


Roberts 19 Trailerable gunkholing and coastal cruiser. Plans and full size frame patterns available for wood epoxy construction.

Gulfstream 30

Design No. 1147, 21-10 1/2" W.L. auxiliary sloop

Nevins Yawl

Design No. 1068, 27'-6" W.L. centerboard auxiliary yawl


Design No. 1054, 27'-6" W.L. auxiliary yawl


Design No. 1033
46'-6" W.L. Motorsailer

Loki Yawl

Design No. 1001
26' W.L. Auxiliary Yawl

Mar Casado Class

Design No. 696, S&S 19' DWL Auxiliary Sloop


Design No. 602, 45' S&S Keel/CB yawl

Pilot Class sail plan

Pilot Class, Design No. 539

Brasil Class

Design No. 509


Design No. 208

Islander Class

Design No. 164

New York 32

Design No. 125, the NY 32s have stood the test of time with two-thirds of the original fleet still sailing and remains competitive.

Didi 40cr

Didi 40cr radius chine plywood cruiser/racer

Didi 34

Didi 34 radius chine plywood cruiser/racer

Didi Cruise-Mini rig

Didi Cruise-Mini radius chine plywood cruising sailboat

K-39 Sail Plan

K-39 designed by Paul R. Kotzebue, PE. Light displacement plywood sloop with attractive double ended hull form and fractional sloop rig. Performance, style, and ease of construction.

Cape Henry 21

Cape Henry 21 lapstrake plywood trailer sailer


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