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Spike Skiff profile

Please note: this design was formerly known as Pike.

Construction - Glue-lap-plywood flat bottom.

Alternative construction - Traditional plank.

No Lofting required.

Plans include 3 sheets with instructions.

11'9 Acorn Skiff profile

Elegant, lightweight, sailing/rowing skiff .

Construction: Glued lapstrake plywood .

Alternative construction: Carvel, strip.

No lofting is required.

Plans include 6 sheets and instruction booklet.

13' Sailing Peapod profile

A most elegant lapstrake, plywood peapod for oar and sail.

Full-sized mold patterns are included.

Construction: Glued-lapstrake plywood.

Alternative construction: Traditional lapstrake.

No lofting is required.

Guillemot profile

Construction: Glued lapstrake clinker plywood.

Alternative construction: Traditional plank, cold molded and strip plank.

Sail Area: Lug 62 sq. ft.

Gunter sloop 72 sq. ft.

No Lofting required.

Babson 14 profile

Build the Babson 14 from scratch!

Plans include three variations on the hull: sheet ply (like our kits), glue-lap-ply, power, suitable for up to a 2 horsepower outboard.

Shellback Dinghy profile

This beautiful 11′ 2″ dinghy is similar in construction to the Nutshell Pram, although it is slightly larger, with a pointed bow.

Construction: Glued-lapstrake plywood.

Alternative construction: Traditional lapstrake.

Pooduck Skiff on beach

This dinghy could be considered a big little boat.

She has a lot of excellent qualities: excellent rowing and sailing ability, easy construction, and mannerly towing habits.

Construction: Glued-lapstrake plywood.

 Maine Coast Peapod profile

Full-sized patterns for molds, so lofting is not required.

Construction: Carvel-planked over steamed frames.

Alternative construction: Lapstrake or strip.

Plans include 4 sheets

OUGHTRED Acorn (Puffin) profile

Resembling her 8′ cousin more than the sleeker 12′ Acorn, this chunky dinghy will be a good load carrier for her length—and she looks very, very British.

Stickleback Dory (Amberjack) profile

Good dories have a reputation for being difficult to design but easy to build.

Iain Oughtred has taken care of the hard work here-you can’t go wrong with his detailed plans for this lapstrake (plywood) Swampscott derivative.

Swampscott, JOHN DORY profile

A refinement of the traditional Swampscott working dory for recreational use.

Plans include nine different rigs.

Construction: Glued lapstrake plywood over sawn frames.

12' Catspaw Dinghy profile

An open boat that rows with ease and swiftness and is stiff enough under sail to stand up to a breeze.

Construction: Carvel planked over steamed frames

Alternative construction: Lapstrake or strip

No lofting is required

Puddlecat Adventure

13 foot wooden cabin catamaran


MANDOLINO is an elegant, classical seaworthy small boat that we propose in two versions, one for day-sailing and one for cruising.


GOZZO 650, whose design is based on a typical Italian traditional boat (gozzo) combines classical lines with ease of handling and comfort.


SANPIERA is a re-elaborated version of the Sanpierota, a traditional boat of the Venetian lagoon which shows many particular and interesting features.


PALOMA is an open sailing boat for family excursions. It’s a simple traditional and versatile boat which has been designed in three version as a small cruiser, as an open daysailer and as a motorboa

BRIO 555

The BRIO 555 is a fast and easy to handle boat, suitable to be sailed sportively by a crew of two or quietly and safely by a larger crew.


This gozzo is a modern version of a traditional Italian small fishing boat: built as an open boat and without having performance as a priority in mind, it is easy to row, seaworthy and pleasant to use


OLD BAGGIE (4,6 m) is the biggest of the Baggie sisters boats a series of classic dinghies inspired by the traditional sandbaggers. It is an elegant fast and comfortable boat for a crew of two persons


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