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90′ Alden/Bugatti schooner
WB No. 205

ORPHEE III, 90′ Alden/Bugatti schooner

90′ Alden/Bugatti schooner; WB No. 205.

48′ Atkin ketch
WB No. 207

JOHANNA, 48′ Atkin ketch

48′ Atkin ketch; WB No. 207.

50′ Lawley gaff-rigged sloop
WB No. 194

VEGA, 50′ Lawley gaff-rigged sloop

VEGA, a Lawley-built sloop of 1905, is a survivor. A new owner who commits to a thorough rebuilding will be rewarded with a rare prewar classic.

73′ Rhodes/Luders yawl
WB No. 195

ESCAPADE, 73′ Rhodes/Luders yawl

We had yachts exactly like ESCAPADE in mind when we created Save a Classic. She fits the profile perfectly: a grand and famous creation now ... in jeopardy.

Designed by Phil Rhodes of Cox & Stephens and built by Luders Marine in 1938 for ocean racing as well as cruising, this yawl has sailed on both coasts as well as on the Great Lakes and in Europe. She's competed in all the major races and with the very best yachts of the era like BOLERO and TICONDEROGA—and surely deserves a proper restoration.

32′ Atkin ketch
WB No. 203

ERIC, 32′ Atkin ketch

ERIC represents a rare opportunity to save a pure cruising vessel of interesting pedigree. Her lines were scaled down and adapted by William Atkin from the famous Colin Archer–designed Redningskoites—the sailing lifesaving vessels of Norway. Appearing in numerous articles and in the book Of Yachts and Men, written by her designer, ERIC was, in 1925, the first widely publicized design to bring Scandinavian influence to American yacht design at a time when small yachts were first tackling ambitious offshore voyages.

36′ Hand V-bottomed power cruiser
WB No. 209

MADAME X, 36′ Hand V-bottomed power cruiser

Without a closer inspection, it’s hard to say how much of this boat can be saved, but a cursory look at her topside planking and seam battens show them to be okay. Her bottom is probably otherwise. Rusting
steel bolts in her frame intersections, backbone, and chines have caused the usual damage, so some of those timbers will need repair or renewal. But the work is straightforward, and the pieces are easily accessed. The boat’s simple construction makes her restoration a possibility for many who’d feel intimidated by a more sophisticated craft.

35′ Eldredge-McInnis sloop
WB No. 209

MIRACLE, 35′ Eldredge-McInnis sloop

MIRACLE is an International Marine 35 Sloop of 1961 that’s been kept in sailing condition and is ready for use without a major restoration. She’s in decent shape, but the owners say a new engine and sternpost are among her needs. They’ve owned MIRACLE for 25 years and cared for her themselves, so are in a position to know. She’s just under 35' overall with a 10' beam and 4' 8" draft (centerboard raised). She was built in Honshu, Japan, with a double-planked hull of mahogany on Japanese oak frames.

48′ Trumpy houseboat
WB No. 214

GRAND LADY, 48′ Trumpy houseboat

48′ Trumpy houseboat; WB No. 214

GRAND LADY is in Florida. Contact Katrina Kingsley at thegoodslp AT

62′ Sparkman & Stephens motorsailer
WB No. 225

GRACE, 62′ Sparkman & Stephens motorsailer

After growing up racing Six-Meter sloops and moving up right after World War II to a 20-year ownership of a big keel racing sloop, Commodore Henry S. Morgan commissioned this lovely centerboard motorsailer to    become his third yacht named DJINN . She remained under Morgan ownership for two decades, always admired for being well run and beautifully maintained. It’s evident from her generous rig and outside steering station that Morgan was a sailorman at heart. For her type, this boat is way more sail than power.

37′ Lowell lobster yacht
WB No. 217

WINSOME WOMAN, 37′ Lowell lobster yacht

WINSOME WOMAN is a 37′ Royal Lowell-designed and -built lobster yacht. She has always been a pleasure boat and was built in Yarmouth, Maine, in 1954. Her accomodations for two are spartan, but there's full headroom under her trunk cabin in which reside a V-berth, a propane stove, sink, head, icebox, and freshwater tank. Her cockpit is self-bailing and there are two 80-gallon fuel tanks under it.

The boat was last used in 2008 but has been covered winters since then.

34′ William Atkin Tally-Ho Major cutter
WB No. 199

STARCREST sail plan

This 34′ William Atkin Tally-Ho Major cutter would be, according to Maynard Bray, a “go-anywhere boat” once refurbished. We understand that STARCREST has new owners as of September 2012 and is now in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

36′ Crocker Sea Dawn ketch
WB No. 200

ARABELLA, Sea Dawn ketch

This 36′ S.S. Crocker Sea Dawn ketch was built in 1964 by E.L. Bentley, Jr., in Portland, Connecticut.

26′ Crocker cruising sloop
WB No. 210

WENDY, Crocker cruising sloop

WENDY is a Marion 26 cruising sloop designed by Sam Crocker and built by S. Sturgis Crocker.

29′ Hinckley 21 sloop
WB No. 210

HOLIDAY, Hinckley 21

This 29′ Hinckley 21 sloop is one of 20 of the Alden/Alberg-designed keel sloops built by the Hinckley company following World War II. In Fall 2012, Maynard Bray received word that she has been destroyed.

34′ Culler liveaboard ketch
WB No. 211

PLOVER, Culler liveaboard ketch

This 34′ Pete Culler liveaboard ketch was built by Concordia Co. in 1971 for a man who wanted to live aboard year-round in New England waters, and be able to sail the boat, by himself, in season.

Since appearing in Save a Classic, PLOVER has a new owner and is poised to have her transom and stem replaced this year. Her owner reports that he will do the work on PLOVER himself at home, where he has a woodworking shop. When PLOVER is restored, her owner plans to live aboard, cruise for a year, and then to take stock.

36′ Alden cutter
WB No. 219

BLUE MOON sail plan

BLUE MOON, a 36′ John G. Alden cutter, built 1936 by James E. Graves, Inc., of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

40′ converted troller
WB No. 220

GAVIOTA, converted troller

GAVIOTA  is a 40′ converted troller that was built around 1945 by San Pedro Boat Works.

43′ Edson Schock double-ended cutter
WB No. 220

BANTRY BAY, Edson Schock cutter

Designed by Edson Schock and built in 1934 by Pries, Baum & Mitchell in Wilmington, California, this 43′ double-ended cutter has voyaged extensively.

35′ Cheoy Lee Lion-class sloop
WB No. 220

DANDELION, Lion-class sloop

DANDELION (Hull No. 713) ia 35′ Cheoy Lee Lion-class sloop, designed by Arthur Robb and built in 1959. When she appeared in WB No. 220's Save a Classic, she was in Clearwater, Florida, and in need of a total restoration.

30′ Elcoette 30
WB No. 221

LADY ELLE, Elcoette 30

LADY ELLE, a 30′ Elcoette 30, is still in roadside storage in Orland, Maine. Does anyone have any recent information beyond that about her?


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