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Small Boats 2013

Explore the World of Small Boats

Sail, Power, Paddle, and Oar for Rivers, Lakes, and Saltwater

Posted: October 25, 2012
Tags: Small Boats, sail, power, paddle, oar

Small Boats spreads and coverSmall Boats 2013 features 21 small boats, including: A classic plywood runabout • A sail-and-oar beach cruiser • Sea Flea Hydroplane • A working-class skiff • A Gil Smith catboat, in miniature • ZEE K designed and built for Alaskan waters • The Lyman Runabout • A sailing canoe • A kit boat inspired by the Great Lakes Mackinaw • A svelte and versatile new kayak • A camp utility garvey

Also featured are 10 World-Class Destinations for Small Craft Adventure.

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Submitted by carlos henrique... on

as foreigner, I'm amazed with Woodenboat organization, and all ! You are the most ! I'm in love with woodenboats since I was sixteen, now I'm 78 years old and my love for wooden boats hasn't vanished, yet ! Some 15 years ago I enroled at Westlawn Institute of Yacht Design, having completed half course and than for financial reasons and to quit, however the amount a knowledge it gave me was suficient for me to start designing & bulding small boats. Has I’m also a Registered Architect by trade, the two trades are going well together. I even devised a new way of building hulls for boats up to 20′ almost with no seams, using plywood . Well, I thank your kind attention, Till next time chbachstein