So much of WoodenBoat magazine is focused on the development of skills that will help you enjoy your own wooden boat more. Videos can demonstrate these skills in a much clearer manner than print can.


  • Anyone who has visited WoodenBoat in the summer knows how much fun it is. Things are a little quieter here in the winter.

  • WoodenBoat School’s “Blacksmithing for Boatbuilders” course gives students the skills needed to make or repair tools and hardware from forged steel. Instructor Doug Wilson has been a blacksmith and metal worker for over 40 years.

  • The modern-day French frigate HERMIONE is a reconstruction of the ship that brought the Marquis de Lafayette to America in 1780 with news for General Washington that France was sending a fleet and troops to support the American war against the British.

  • In the summer of 2006, six boats gathered on Eggemoggin Reach for the first Small Reach Regatta. In 2015, 45 boats rowed and sailed the waters of Blue Hill Bay in the tenth Small Reach Regatta, enjoying three wonderful days on the water. The event has become the highlight of the summer for these people with camping, music, great food, and catching up with friends.

  • Steve White and Frank Hull, both of Brooklin Boat Yard, started the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta in 1985, imagining the race itself to be just one part of an opportunity for the owners and crews of these gorgeous wooden yachts to get together.

  • Rich Hilsinger, long-time Director of the WoodenBoat School, shows us the WoodenBoat School, in Part 2 of our Series. Click on the School button at the top of this page for course information for upcoming classes.

  • Founder Jon Wilson begins the story behind the beloved WoodenBoat Publications in Brooklin, Maine, and gives us a peek inside the publication’s historic offices overlooking the islands of Penobscot Bay.

  • From the Master Builder Video Series

    In this beautifully shot instructional video, Louis Sauzedde (see WB No. 239) explains the nuances and intricacies of sharpening handsaws.

  • The WoodenBoat Research Library offers a rich resource for all scholars of boats and boat design. Of particular interest is the rare book cabinet, where our Director of Research keeps some of our most cherished books, plans, and periodicals under lock and key.

  • In our profile of Louis Sauzedde in WoodenBoat No. 239, we mentioned his work with plastic frames. The wooden fishing vessel FINAST KIND II needs some new frames and a new deck, and Sauzedde chooses plastic frames for the job. Part 2 of 2.