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Wooden Boat Upgrade

It was my beloved (wooden) Jet 14 hull #217 c. 1958 CHARCOAL that stood (I should say- floated) between me, my aforesaid 14-footer, and an adorable 5 footer named Sheryl. I sold the boat to balance my checkbook sufficiently to purchase an engagement ring, which I presented to my crew as she feigned slumber on a sagging couch in the Trophy Room at Red Bank, N.J.’s Monmouth Boat Club. There is hope for all you owners of aging wooden boats.

PS: The ring was not enough! When next I bought a boat the pressure was on to name the boat “Sheryl” . I had grander ideas . . . She shows SECOND FIDDLE on her transom; on her transom, not on Sheryl’s !


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I say that sailor is 'clewless'

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Just read Carl Cramer's post and would like to add my congratulations to Woodenboat on its 40th anniversary.
My wife and I were in Brooklin after visiting friends in Deer Isle complete with afternoon sail and fresh lobster and scallops dinner. Stopped by the boatyard on Labor Day morning and were greeted with a warm welcome and quick tour of the Frer's design day sailor. Heavenly is how I describe the visit to the epicenter of wooden boats. Gorgeous to behold the harbor, with all the fine craft on moorings and in the yard a pair of beetle cats out side the shed particularly enchanted Karen. Thank you from Texas