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  • May/June 2015, Issue 244

    WoodenBoat Magazine

    • My Affair with the International 14
    • The Right Respirator Cartridge and a Good Fit Will Keep Lungs Healthy
    • The Vintage Yachts of Régates Royales
    • Workboats in Yacht Clothing
    • An Authentic French Frigate Sets Sail for America
    • The L. Francis Herreshoff Schooner JOANN
    • Setting Up to Build an H-28
    • The Extraordinary Voyage of Xabier Agote
    • Fighting Fire Afloat

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  • The May 2015 Issue of

    Small Boats Monthly

    An on-line magazine crafted especially for those who store and maintain their boats at home.

    • ROSINA MAY—A Thames River Skiff
    • A Lapstrake Livery Boat
    • The Rivers and Canals of Belgium and France
    • Lightweight Aluminum Trailers
    • Make Your Own Bailer and Heaving Line
    • DOCKHOUSE QUEEN—A 16′ Electric Mini-Tug

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  • Newsstand Only Special Issue

    Small Boats 2015

    A guide to trailerable small craft you can store and maintain at home.

    • High-performance dinghy, family daysailer
    • A McKenzie-style drift boat
    • A charming house and camp boat
    • A nicely mannered rowboat
    • The smallest of K. Aage Nielsen’s double-enders
    • A sail-and-oar boat in the style of Arthur Ransome
    • A high-performance expedition boat
    • And more…
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The Whiskey Plank

Whiskey PlankWoodenBoat magazine contributors write a series of blogposts.

Read the latest “A 42-foot Catamaran—My Seventh Cruising Sailboat?” by Reuel Parker.

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Open Basque fishing boatExtended content from issues of WoodenBoat magazine: Articles, Sketchbook, videos, and photographs, posted here relate to specific issues of WoodenBoat.

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