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  • September/October 2014, Issue 240

    WoodenBoat Magazine

    • Time Travel in a Powerboater’s Paradise
    • A Deep-Reach Clamp
    • Bill Page Market Maker
    • The Thames Waterman’s Stroke
    • The Rebirth of a Lug-rigged Privateer
    • The Shipwright’s Adze
    • The Geometry of Rowing
    • Building an Amesbury Skiff — Part 1

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  • My Wooden Boat of the Week:

    A Tale of Two Hulls…


    “Well, better-said, A Tale of Two Boats’ Hulls. Or A Tale of Three Hulls. The first is a classic Moth, Mint design. The second is a ‘classic’ A-Cat.”


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  • September 2014

    Small Boats Monthly

    A NEW on-line magazine crafted especially for those who store and maintain their boats at home

    • Each digital issue features designs for oar, paddle, power, and sail
    • Covers gear, techniques, plus travel destinations
    • Works on PC, MAC, tablets, and smart phones

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Whiskey PlankWoodenBoat magazine contributors write a series of blogposts.

Read the latest “Visiting Panamanian Ruins By Boat” by Reuel Parker.


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Bevins Skiff photoYou have an opportunity to build this boat, at no charge — as long as you build it with kids.

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If you’re in the market for a boat to build, this is a fine place to start. And if you are a designer offering plans or kit boats, we invite you to enter your information, there is no charge! This is for boats of ANY hull material.

John Alden designed schooner

Sail Antigua Classics:

April 15–22, 2015