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The Whiskey Plank

We have asked some of our WoodenBoat magazine contributors to write custom posts here, in a series of blogposts. You may comment (if you’re a member of — It’s free and easy). We are pleased to share these with you. If you want to contribute your own original posts, we ask that you do so at “Your Turn,” not here. The views expressed are those of the authors and may not necessarily reflect those of WoodenBoat.

The whiskey plank, traditionally, is the last plank fastened into the hull. The occasion is typically marked by a party to celebrate.

by Chris Caswell

Staging a classic and vintage boatshow (or a classic car show or a vintage aircraft fly-in) is a major project, but combining all three—boats, cars and planes—into one event is monumentally more complicated. The Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida, has pulled this off for 18 years and the 18th Annual Vintage Weekend drew the largest and, arguably, the most eclectic group of vehicles yet.

by Reuel B. Parker

Wooden boats have souls. No, I’m not getting metaphysical on you, necessarily. But think about it: Wooden boats are made from organic, living trees, by hand, each one unique. Each piece of wood is, to me, a minor miracle of life on earth—beautiful, strong, flexible, unique, alive.


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