Boat Building Academy - Launch Day

Student boat on the sea
Thursday, June 1, 2017

On 1st June 2017 it will be the turn of the Class of August 2016 to launch their boats and their new lives as they celebrate the end of 38 weeks intensive boat building training.

At 11:00 each of the seven boats built by the Class of August 2016 as part of the 38 week “Boat Building, Maintenance and Support” course, will be launched one by one into Lyme Regis Harbour for the first time. Family, friends, locals, Academy staff and fellow students gather for the event and champagne corks pop. Anyone is welcome to join us for this celebration.

The boats to be launched are:

14′ “Swansong” Paul Gartside design – Warren Riches
15′ “Jessie” Paul Gartside Design – Gareth Lewis
15′8″ Arthur Rogers Lobster Boat – Elena Hillier
17′ Northeaster Dory – Paul Coyne
17′ Sea Kayak – Duncan Riddle
18′ Version of the Deep V 16 Inboard – Simon Hawksley
20′ X One Design restoration – Mike Condliffe

See here for photos of the boats under construction;

Lyme Regis Harbour, Dorset, United Kingdom