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  • The July 2015 Issue of

    Small Boats Monthly

    An on-line magazine crafted especially for those who store and maintain their boats at home.

    • The Mallard — A voyage from fantasy to reality
    • The SailZO — A new kit boat
    • American Venice — Chesapeake Bay’s Smith Island
    • Reader Built Boat PILGRIM is a Redwing 18
    • Also featuring the making of rope fenders, an Emberlit stove, and a breathable dry suit

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  • July/August 2015, Issue 245

    WoodenBoat Magazine

    • YANKEE and LIVE YANKEE, Two Remarkable R-boats
    • Runabout Restoration on the Layaway plan
    • Metal Fabrication in the Woodshop
    • Restoring a 1936 Danish double-ender—and reconstructing her history
    • A Muskoka Lakes yacht from another era
    • Rigging and Tuning a Wooden Boat
    • C. Raymond Hunt and the development
      of the deep-V hull

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The Whiskey Plank

Whiskey PlankWoodenBoat magazine contributors write a series of blogposts.

Read the latest “The Bights of Andros—Part One: South Bight” by Reuel Parker.

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Build This Boat!

Bevins Skiff photoYou have an opportunity to build this boat, at no charge — as long as you build it with kids.

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Extended Content

EUREKAExtended content from issues of WoodenBoat magazine: Articles, Sketchbook, videos, and photographs, posted here relate to specific issues of WoodenBoat.

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Boat Plans & Kits

If you’re in the market for a boat to build, this is a fine place to start. And if you are a designer offering plans or kit boats, we invite you to enter your information, there is no charge! This is for boats of ANY hull material.

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