Acorn Skiff

Designer Iain Oughtred’s first design, a whitehall-like skiff with two rowing stations. She is 11′9″ long and 3′11″ wide and light enough to car-top. Glued lapstrake with meranti plywood planking, mahogany transom, Douglas fir backbone, thwarts and gunwales, and teak floorboards and sternsheets. The sheer planks will someday be painted falun red (the color used on wooden buildings in Norway).

This was my first glued lapstrake boat (I’m from cedar strip country) and I used bits of all the standard how-to books, including the designer’s own book and Tom Hill’s ribband technique for beveling the plank lands. I always planned to paint the hull (which took some pressure off at times) but toward the end I was tempted to leave it bright. With the finish paint on I couldn’t be happier.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Iain Oughtred
Builder Name: 
Jim Ingebretsen
Home Port: 
Saint Paul, MN, used mostly on Leesome Lake, WI
Launching Date: 
June 02, 2018