The Ashes Solo Day

When designing The Ashes Solo Day, I imagined a boat where the paddler could stand to look over brush, or apply leverage to push through a mat of grass. She would be very personal; the boat would fit the paddler like a glove, he or she would be locked in much like a kayak, able to rise and fall with the long swells that rolled in from Spanish Banks.

Exploring Vancouver and the Lower Mainland would have demanded a light boat; small enough for a paddler to carry through heavy bracken, over fallen old growth, and down steep banks. She would have been light enough to throw over a shoulder, and shallow enough to pole through mudflats, shallow creeks and reedy estuaries.

Today’s paddler would fall in love with her. Her initial stability would make drinking a cup of coffee a less tippy affair; and she’d be a stable platform for photographers and birdwatchers. The brave would find her suitable for stand-up paddling (or fly-fishing). And no matter how she was used, her elegant lines would always please the eye.

The boat I’ve posted here is called the Greenhorn. She was built for Walter Leduca of the Greenhorn Cafe in Vancouver.

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Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Trevor Paetkau, Ashes Still Water Boats
Builder Name: 
Trevor Paetkau, Ashes Still Water Boats
Home Port: 
Vancouver, BC
Launching Date: 
June 06, 2015