After hours of searching through plans for a boat to build I figured the next best thing was to design my own. So working off the types of boats I liked I came up with C LEGS.

Built from 6 mm ply glassed over she is strong and light. I wanted max water line length for the space I had in my garage so set the out board back into a well.

Next as I live across the road from Cockle Bay 50 meters I set about thinking about an easy way to get there and came up with the ides of replacing a trailer with wheels that fold up at the stern and a pair at the front I can stow or leave on the beach.

It works very well and I get lots of interesting comments. She is 4.2 meters long with a beam of 1.7 60 cm inside free board. A false floor and front water tight compartments provide plenty of buoyancy. The two lockers at the stern also help.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Barry Wood
Outboard powered fishing boat
Builder Name: 
Barry Wood
Home Port: 
Cockle Bay Howick Auckland New Zealand
Launching Date: 
January 01, 2013