After the 7 years of enjoyment from N’ SLOWER, we decided to build CLEAN N'LIGHT. N’ SLOWER still has a lifetime of joy to give but I grew restless. I yelled out to Preston, “I want to build something,” then I broke out the pad and pencil threw down a few lines that turned into a new project. We decided to build a second tender. It became obvious that stitch and glue was the way to go, offering much more interior room accompanied by the potential for less weight. Some difficulty in the design requirements needed to be overcome such as how to support the hull without ribs and an excess of fiberglass roving. We wanted the back bone and keel to be flush on the interior deck. We also needed a shelter for the anchor and line, iPhones, wallet, lipstick, comb and anything else that needed to be kept reasonably dry. After struggling with N’ SLOWER and her excess wood and fiberglass, lifting the thing easily came to mind. We built brass handholds into the hull and transom at key points. The seating is all removable for easy access to refinish when time comes! Well, I’m getting older and the kid is getting smarter. By this time Preston was 19 and a college student. Preston went high tech and turned to AutoCAD and out popped a few lines and a motor. I’m sure it will be a beautiful form following the function. Don't be surprised if you see another great work come out of our garage in the near future.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Robert Louie
Sail and 2.5hp Seagull engine
Builder Name: 
Robert Louie, Preston de la Parra
Home Port: 
Orange Beach, AL
Launching Date: 
July 22, 2014