Cradle Sharpie

Kevin Moroney of Cape Coral, Florida, was building an 18′ modified sharpie skiff when his grandson, Colin, was born in Denver, Colorado, last year. Grandpa thought Colin needed his own sharpie and built him one, which he launched on Thanksgiving Day last year in his pool with a teddy bear as captain. Then Kevin shipped bear and boat to Colin in Denver to arrive for Christmas.

Kevin made sure to register his son’s 4′ boat with Colin’s initials and birthdate serving as the registration numbers. The boat floats and lives in it’s own rocking cradle when not underway. Kevin eyeballed the lines from the Reuel Parker–designed sharpie that he is building so the big and little boats are sisterships, in a way.

Kevin’s larger sharpie is due to be launched anytime.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Reuel Parker/Kevin Moroney
Sharpie Rocker Boat
Builder Name: 
Kevin Moroney
Home Port: 
Denver, Colorado
Launching Date: 
November 28, 2013