This little skiff was designed and built with the grandchildren in mind. A fun and safe little boat was the intention. Positive flotation was made with bulkheads installed fore and aft, accessible through deck hatches. Horizontal floor boards were placed so the kidos had no frames to trip over when moving around inboard. The lines were lofted prior to constructing the moulds over which the boat was built. A half-hull model was also made. 1/4″ marine plywood was used to construct the little boat. The skiff was intended to row easily, hence the narrow bottom and flared sides.

The fantail transom was designed to accommodate an outboard motor well with decking all around. The intention was to use my old British Seagull motor, stored in my shop for many years. This designed motor placement provides for convenient repairs when stranded on the lake.

As it all turned out, the little skiff moves easily with a small outboard and proves to be safe and stable. Much fun for little sailors.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Roy Hebert
Fantail Skiff
Builder Name: 
Roy Hebert
Home Port: 
Thibodaux, LA
Launching Date: 
October 16, 2016