Geodesic Aerolite Classic 12

This boat has tight grain douglas fir stringers with local white ash ribs and was a home build.

Skin is 9 ounce dacron, coated with 2 part skinboat polyurethane.

Utilizes 5.2 square m windsurf sail on unstayed carbon windsurf mast.

I “invented” a xmas tree stand mast base to allow the windsurf base to deflect within a range to allow the boat to depower automatically. It does this by peeling off the top of the rig as the rig twists to leward. This keeps the boat flat. In 15knts wind, it sails ~9 knots in sheltered water. Loads of fun!

Trailer is towed by bicycle and all in, boat sail and oars weighs ~50lbs.

This was my first boat build.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Platt Monfort
Row/Cat Rigged/Windsurf sail
Builder Name: 
Josh Richard
Home Port: 
Minneapolis Minnesota
Launching Date: 
July 04, 2019