I recently completed the construction of my own Matunuck surf kayak. Last Sunday I tried it in the local swimming pool and it really feels good, and it was surprisingly easy to roll (Greenland roll)! Now I am just waiting for the Norwegian winter to end, so I can bring the kayak to the coast for the first try. I am really looking forward to that moment!

I bought full scale plans and instructions from Chesapeake Light Craft. I must admit that, despite the excellent and detailed instruction, I faced some challenges along the way. I have logged most of the time consumed, and it has added up to approximately 80-90 hours altogether, which is not that bad. And I am quite happy with the result!

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Nick Schade
Builder Name: 
Kaare Meling
Home Port: 
Kongsberg, Norway
Launching Date: 
March 02, 2020