Mebo 12

The Mebo 12 is a new versatile nesting dinghy I designed and built last winter and spring.

I wanted something looking nearly as stunning as the PT11 by PT Watercraft but little bigger and more stable and comfortable to use it as camp cruiser on a weekend trip as well as for day sailing.

The wish list was quite long but at the end the boat offers all the features I was looking for.

It is a simple to build s&g-design that sails exceptionally well but can be rowed, paddled and motored as well. The hull can be build as a two-piece nesting variant or as one-piece hull for those who nesting is not important. She offers two mast positions for a Cat or Sloop rig. The Cat rig which can be seen on the photo has a furling main sail on a rotating mast for fast and easy reefing and relaxed sailing. Maybe worth to be mentioned is that the rotating mast setup still contains a boom and vang for better sailing performance compared to the boomless variants seen more often. For more comfort even the nesting version has full-lenght side seats. To enable storing the bow section in the stern section the side seats are removable for the nesting version. A slatted frame can be placed between the side seats and creates a sleeping plaform for two. Additionally there is ample built-in storage space and buoyancy tanks and, and, and .....

Moreover she is light enough for car topping and she is looking nearly as stunning as the PT11.

Plans are available from Metz Boats,

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Klaus Metz
12' Nesting Dinghy, Cat or Sloop Rig
Builder Name: 
Klaus Metz
Home Port: 
Munich (Germany)
Launching Date: 
May 26, 2017