Min Dejlige Pika

Nick and I started work on the ladder frame for this, our first boat on December 20th, 2016. Her first day in the water was June 15th, 2017. We estimate 500 hours in her construction. We were coached by the video series with Geoff Kerr and published by Off Center Harbor. It was of invaluable help! We did not use a kit but built her from flat lumber spiling our planks. Our first expectation was that we would paint her. After we saw how beautiful the wood was we could not bring ourselves to do that. She is bright finished throughout. We use a boat soup recipe from Iain Oughtred and it seems to be very easy to keep looking gorgeous. We used Meranti plywood for the hull, Teak rails, laminated Doug fir stems and black walnut furniture. The mast is sitka spruce with a birds mouth design. The rudder and many other parts are mahogany. We have already taken her on a 4 day voyage from Saint John’s Bridge in Portland to the mouth of the Columbia, Astoria, Oregon. She handled great in some really big water with 30 mile an hour winds. This picture is of our maiden voyage. Complete with maiden! :-) “Min Dejlige Pika” is Danish for “My Beautiful Little Girl”

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Iain Oughtred
Caledonia Yawl with Balanced Lug and leg-0-mutton Sprit Mizzen
Builder Name: 
Daren Lindley and Nick Luchterhand
Home Port: 
Beaverton, Oregon
Launching Date: 
June 15, 2017