NIMBUS is one of three Mighty Mac’s built by Ned McIntosh, younger brother of Bud McIntosh in 1961. Ned is well known for the dozens if not hundreds of Merry Macs he built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Like the Merry Mac the Mighty Mac is a hard chine, plywood built boat, but more substantial. She is 18 feet rather than 14 feet and has a centerboard, bench seating for four and a jib. We purchased Nimbus eight years ago from a family who are friends with Ned and had owned her for most of her life. After sailing her for a several years I removed the extensive mahogany trim and bench seats and stripped and revarnish all with 8+ coats of varnish, including the spruce mast and boom. Next I stripped all the paint off the hull and epoxied the bottom and removed the centerboard trunk, made repairs to a portion of the outer keel and re-bed the truck. We relaunched her this summer.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Ned McIntosh
Builder Name: 
Ned McIntosh
Home Port: 
Portsmouth, NH
Launching Date: 
September 01, 2014