Joe Greeley launched POGO, a Footy model designed by Flavio Faloci, in 2015. Since then, she suffered severe damage in an accident in 2017 and spent the last two years “on the hard” undergoing repairs. The accident occurred on a journey from Maine to Maryland, inside Joe’s Hyundai Santa Fe when a Clyde Puffer steamship collided with POGO’s bowsprit and broke it. Joe relaunched POGO in June.The repaired bowsprit is pinned through the samson post and has a brass gammon aft where it passes through the bulwark. Joe made the repair by gluing the two broken halves back together and strengthening the joint with a brass strip lashed on both sides of the sprit.Joe chose the name POGO “in honor of Walt Kelley’s cartoon character, and because she bounces in the waves. Like a pogo stick.”

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Sakonnet 23 for sale

Well maintained (Ballantine Boat Shop) early 2000s Joel White design sailboat. New sails.