After Alex had jokingly told his seven-year-old granddaughter, Hannah, that she’d have to make a speech at the launch of his 15′ Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry last summer, she took him seriously and wrote a speech on her own. More than 60 people showed up at the christening and listened to Hannah read her speech, which is printed here as she wrote it.

“My grampa is a bilder, he like’s to work with wood. He likes to bild omost enithing. He bild’s horses, carusel horses, doll houwses and meni more things, but this time he bilt somthing biger and better. He clered out the garog and started working. He was out working morning tell night. It took him 160 hores to bild it. They coldn’t park their or stor enithing in the gorog. Do you no what it is? This time it’s not a horse or a carasel horse nether a doll howse. It is a sail boat! I am so prod of my Grampa for bilding this buediful sail boat! Thank you all for coming to selibrate with us. Now I would to crisin this boat the SARAH JANE!”

Hannah Jane Crowe, 7/18/2013

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Chesapeake Light Craft, 1805 George St., Annapolis, Maryland;
CLC Skerry
Builder Name: 
Alex Crowe
Home Port: 
Waters of central Illinois
Launching Date: 
July 18, 2013