Kyle Abingdon and Maris Skabardis recently restored SOLATE, a 1954 Scarborough sloop designed by John Ley. The team worked part-time on this boat for about two years. Their work on her included replacing three new planks, 17 frames, four new deck beams, seven quarter beams, repair of the beam shelf, and four lodging knees. They also removed and replaced the keel bolts, refastening the hull, a new deck of teak with a sub-deck of marine plywood. After that they fit in a new Diesel engine, stainless steel water and fuel tanks, a new electric system, and refit the galley and saloon. New owner Andy Reeves did all the painting and varnish himself.

In the Scarborough class, she is the only boat with a counter-hung stern, the others are all double enders. She sat derelict for 10 years with sunlight shining through her seams before Andy rescued her.

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Design Specs

Designer Name: 
John Ley
Scarborough sloop
Builder Name: 
Abingdon & Skabardis Marine Carpentry, Ltd. Unit 1, Lamberhurst Farm Dargate, Faversham, Kent ME13 9ES United Kingdom
Launching Date: 
July 18, 2015