Ken Spring writes "Keith Matlack uses his 15'7" x 41" sharpie skiff, SQUALICORAX (Latin name of an extinct shark) for fossil hunting along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Keith and Ken Spring modified plans from Steve Redmond for WHISP and then built the boat at Ken's do-it-yourself shop, Small Open Boats. To aid in navigating the shoreline debris and marshes, SQUALICORAX is equipped with a lightweight , forward-facing rowing system from E-Z Row. To improve tracking and reduce pounding, a fine entry is achieved by extending the stem about 4" and constructing a forefoot. Protection against damage during frequent groundings comes from a bottom of 6mm okoume plywood coated on both sides with xynole fabric and epoxy and strengthened by a full-length ash keelson. The outer stem is constructed of ash covered with three layers of fabric to improve its and strength and impact resistance. " Contact Ken at www.sobs.us.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Steve Redmond
Whisp Sharpie Skiff
Builder Name: 
Ken Spring and Keith Matlack
Home Port: 
Chesapeake Bay
Launching Date: 
March 21, 2005