Name of Boat "STINA"

Boats length 3,66 mtrs
Beam 1,56 mtrs

Type: Ewerboot, constructed by Shipwright Günter Pehrs/Glückstadt/Germany (passed away 2016)

built by Peter Hecht/Glückstadt/Germany

these types of boats normally used in the age of sail as tender boats for coasters(i.e. North Sea/Baltic)

Place of use River Elbe

Date of launching August 12th 2022

Boats Spec:
Keel White Oak, Planking White Oak, laminated frames White Oak, Centerboardtrunk Mahogany
Centerboard stainless steel
Mast/Spars/Oars Oregon-Pine, Deck Teak
Hardware Bronce fittings
Rig Lugsail

I am an amateur boat builder, starting with dingys (klinker) around 1990. This build is my 3rd wooden boat. Building took 4 years in total in my backyard. Currently running project is a haven 12 1/2 footer (Joel White).

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