WAYWARD is a box barge, off-centerboard, split-junk rigged cat-ketch. Her purpose is to live aboard and sail (engine-free) in the Panhandle waters of Southeast Alaska.

Her lines are lightly modified ex T32x8x1 LUNA, a design by Dave Zeiger at triloboats.com.

She was built in Murder Cove (a remote site) in three four month seasons, with cushions and sails sewn during winter months. Hull is ACX plywood with red cedar framing glued with 3M5200, TiteBond III and Gorilla Glue (LPU), and fastened with bronze, ring-shank nails. Girder construction is carried throughout. The bottom is copper plated to two feet above the bottom (1ft to 8in above DWL).

Off-centerboards are prevented by cable from winging out, so don’t require tending between tacks. They are ‘travelling’ to stow aft clear of windows. The rudder is outboard and kick-up.

Solar panels provide electricity for lights, music and communication. A wood range provides cooking and heating.

This is belated notice... since launching, we have sailed nearly a thousand miles, under prototype sails, year round in inside waters. She tacks reliably, points reasonably well and is fast off the wind. We’ve been able to sail to windward in any weather we care to.

Next step is to finalize the main sail. It will now be solid (vs. the lashings which provided adjustable camber, but left large, longitudinal gaps between battens.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Anke Wagner and Dave Zeiger (triloboats.com)
Box Barge / Split Junk Rigged Cat-Ketch / Sail and vertical blade sculling oar
Builder Name: 
Anke Wagner and Dave Zeiger
Home Port: 
Tenakee Springs, Alaska
Launching Date: 
October 08, 2016