After reading Mike O’Brien’s review of Oonagh in WB No. 237, David Keller thought it was just the boat to fit his needs. He hadn't built a boat before, didn’t let that prevent him from ordering plans from Doug Hylan ( David practiced his skills first by building a scale model that he tested in his hot tub. The model passed its tests, and David started building the 11′8″ tender from kaya marine plywood, Douglas-fir, and epoxy. After 18 months, David and his wife, Sylvia, launched SYLVIA at a lake near their home in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

David wanted a boat in which he could sail, row, or fly-fish. He reports he's very please with SYLVIA’s stability and ample storage compartments. David hopes to build another wooden boat or two in his future.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Doug Hylan, D. N. Hylan & Assoc. 53 Benjamin River Dr Brooklin, ME 04616; 207-359-9807;;
Oonagh Tender
Builder Name: 
David Keller
Home Port: 
Lakes and rivers near Lake Oswego, Oregon
Launching Date: 
August 01, 2016