Wood Duck

This 12 foot Wood Duck from Chesapeake Light Craft is a stich and glue design Kayak made from Okoume and Sapele marine plywood. My wife and I started in January 2014 and finished in July 2014. Never having worked with epoxy or fiberglass before, many hours were spent pondering “how on earth do they do that”. I found many answers online from people who have done it before and posted info to help and also CLC’s technical support. The black bottom is not paint but is a mixture of graphite and epoxy that results in a nice black epoxy. The seat was given to me by my brother and it came from an Old Town Camden Kayak. It fit nicely. The Kayak was supposed to weigh in at around 40 pounds but this one was 48 pounds with the seat. It paddles real nice.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Eric Schade
Builder Name: 
Charles Vetter
Home Port: 
Pleasant Lake, Stetson, Maine
Launching Date: 
July 03, 2014