When Andy Bradbury started building the Cartopper dinghy on his patio, he promised his wife it would only take a couple of months for him to finish. Just short of two years after that, he finally launched the 11′ 6″ WREN in his home waters of the Pamilico River Washington, North Carolina. His wife, Kristin, and two children, Ellie and Margaret, joined him on WREN's second voyage

Andy says that this was his first attempt at boat building and now he's ready to leave his job as a nurse, head back to school, and figure out how to make a livelihood of it. One thing he's already learned is to pay more attention to designer's plans. He added a cedar floor and rear seat to WREN, making it much heavier than the original boat, and resulting in a boat that is fairly difficult to actually put on top of the car. Janet Bradbury took these pictures.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Phil Bolger and Dynamite Payson
Cartopper Dinghy
Builder Name: 
Andy Bradbury
Home Port: 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Launching Date: 
August 20, 2013