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12' Catspaw Dinghy

An open boat that rows with ease and swiftness and is stiff enough under sail to stand up to a breeze.

Construction: Carvel planked over steamed frames

Alternative construction: Lapstrake or strip

No lofting is required

Plans include 6 sheets

Please note: if using the molds in the plans instead of lofting, there is no mold for station 8. Joel felt the transom was near enough station 8, to skip a mold for it. If you are lofting instead, then you can loft mold 8 if you choose.

From the Community

Boat Launchings

Boat Launchings

Wee Lassie

Andrew Green recently launched his Wee Lassie canoe. This is the second Wee Lassie he has built.

Boat Launchings


Cedar strips canoe of the Gil Gilpatrick 16′ Laker design.

Boat Launchings


CLC kit, Jimmy Skiff II.Launched on July 8th 2023, built in home garage by Michael Selby with ass