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17' 0" Nomad

Nomad 17—a traditional tripping canoe. Recognizing the popularity of the classic 16′ Chestnut Prospector “Fort”, Canadian Canoes commissioned Ted Moores to design a 17′ tripping canoe which would be a kindred spirit to the “Fort”. The mid section and profile are similar to our 16′ Prospector but with much of the hollow in the water lines removed. This adds some volume and stability to the hull below the water line and makes a very easy shape to plank in cedar strip construction.A wood canvas version of this boat is also availble from Canaian Canoes and a number of “Wilderness Nomads” are now in service. The design is so successful that Ron Frenette decided we should make this craft available using Bear Mountain wood/epoxy strip building techniques. So here it is.

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Boat Launchings

Boat Launchings


Intro to Boatbuilding Semi Dory

I was gifted tuition to the WoodenBoat School for my 40

Boat Launchings


The build was started in 2009 by Dr. David Likely of Dorn Ridge N.B.