Oar / Paddle

18' 6" C1 Marathon

C1 marathon racing 18-6A specialized canoe for the racing enthusiast.This racing C1 is designed to the marathon racing rules and hence the unusual shape. The wings just aft of the middle of the boat are now commonplace on most C1 designs and are there to meet the beam requirement of the rule. Forward and aft of that point the hull narrows quickly to reduce weight, wetted surface and beam. The narrow beam just forward of the wings provides an ideal location to finish the paddling stroke without having to reach to over a wide gunnel.This construction project is for the advanced builder as the shapes to be planked around the wing are challenging. When built in 1/8″ cedar the weight is competitive at 28 pounds.

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Oselvar Faering

This is a beautiful three year old Oselvar Faering that excels at both rowing and sailing.